Photography by Jim and Frieda

At Photography by Jim and Frieda our goal is to create memories to last a lifetime and beyond and make the experience totally enjoyable for all involved.

We create custom, collaborative images.  That is we listen to our clients to find out why they are having portraits made, what they want their portraits to say about them, how they plan to display their portraits, and who they really are.  Based on that information we can suggest locations, clothing, accessories, and poses that will tell their story.  We understand no two sessions should be alike.  Every client is unique and their portraits should capture their unique qualities.

We “suggest.”  We do not dictate to our clients.  No one can ever finish a session with us and say, “I never would have done that in my  picture, but the photographer made me.”

We are a family business.  Jim and Frieda have been married over 50 years, our daughter, Tracie has been part of our operation for more than ten years, and our standard poodle, Zasha completes the team.

We have been in business over 20 years and currently have a 3000 square foot studio on Winchester Road in Huntsville, Alabama, that serves as our base of operations, but we love going on location to create meaningful scenes for our clients.

Jim is a graduate of the Washington School of Photography and is one of only about 2000 Professional Photographers certified by the Professional Photographers of America.  He attends several seminars and workshops each year to stay abreast of the best practices and trends in the field.  We regularly introduce new products to be sure our clients have contemporary choices as well as the tried and true classical things that we still love.


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