Photography by Jim and Frieda

While the butterfly, with its beauty, grace and freedom, would be a nice logo for any photography studio, our particular butterfly has a much deeper meaning. When we started dating as teenagers, Frieda began to doodle on her school papers connecting a script capital “J” and a script lower case “f” to create a butterfly symbolizing our relationship. Over the years that relationship grew from first love to only love. We were married in 1963, and that butterfly has continued to find its way on to many cards, letters, and notes expressing our feelings for each other. Just as the butterfly must have both its wings to live, so we find our life in our relationship together including this wonderful business we are in.

When we opened our studio, we knew this butterfly had to be our symbol representing one more phase in our life. Each portrait session becomes a collaborative event where we work together to create beautiful images just as the two wings of our butterfly work together to achieve flight. We hope you will come visit us at the sign of the butterfly.